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To start off my biggest tip is you download one of Sandy's mood boosters from . to give your sim a full boost is $250 the object itself is a little pricey but its worth it. Some can be used by children too. If your sim can't affort all this then you need rosebud. in your game open the cheat box while playing the family you want to be rich, to open it press ctrl + alt + c . then type: rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;! and so on the more ;!; you add on the richer your family will be. with the rosebud cheat you must start like this: rosebud; if you start like this: rosebud! it will not work.
to just get $1000 type just rosebud in the box.

To move any object including things outside the grid, cars, sims, pets I mean ANYTHING! open the cheat box by pressing ctrl + alt + c . then type:
move_objects on
You can now move ANYTHING you want.
NPC's like paper girl, mailman, burgalars and people like that cannot be trapped e.g. you move them into a room with no doors, they can get out somehow...
however you can have visitors trapped for however long you like!

If you have a cheat i haven't mentioned that you find usefull email me on the contact page.

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