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Welcome to The Simmy Channel. My simmer name is Sugalips. Im a Skins & Objects creator. All my downloads are offered to you free of charge. Please dont copy my work. Thanks Sugalips.

*+* Latest Update October 07 ~ The Simmy Channel! ~ This site is discontinued, see full news below for more details. ~ Other news ~ November 07: Our new & FINAL domain is: <--That's US!*+*

November 2007 ~
Saturay 10th :
I have left this site 'as is' but made a new site, just for my sims 2 works, please visit ( btw: i have moved all sims 2 downloads from this site to get gorgeous & this site is sims 1 only now, ive lost my feelings for sims 1 & there's no point expanding on something old that your not enthusiastic about any more, 
Sugalips (a.k.a Topaz..x) <3
Please feel free to borrow my textures from the DL's this site.
Although don't steal the actual file itself that is still my work ya know!

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